08.05.11Updated the site with new artwork. I also have a Tumblr now, where you can see random art, doodles and other images! And I have also started a new video game themed comic at theGaMERCaT.com
09.27.10And I finally update! I'm hoping a fresh new layout will encourage me to update more, so I overhauled the whole site. There's also several new images in the gallery.
10.22.09Wow, such a long time since the last update! I need to update more often! There are five new images in the gallery, and my store The Corner Stand has now been changed to Sugar Bunny Shop! Be sure to stop by and check out the new digs!
03.03.09Finally a doozy of an update! Nearly everything has been worked over - sections have been merged or moved and the whole gallery has been redone (with help from bara-chan! Thank youuu!) A lot of older/rougher images have been moved to a new archive section, so nothing has been deleted!
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